Uber launched self-driving car on the US for the first time Uber is planning to have the self-driving car on the roads of Pittsburgh, but the main discussion among the public and the experts is about the safety in the self-driving car, and the technology is not ready for the present situation. This new attempt, experiment will launch in the state Pennsylvania, even though the state does not have the proper laws for launching such TaxiNest App test drives. The company has to pass the laws for giving acceptance for the test drive of the self-driving cars. The rules should include what will happen if the car crashes. At the same time, researchers have found that the self-driving car has got stuck in the bridges of Pittsburgh during the test drive. The city has more bridges in the country. And they are very hard surfaces. So it was difficult for the self-driving cars to cross over the hard surfaces like the bridges. The former head of the national highway traffic safety administration and the consumer protection advocate, Mr. Joan Claybrook, said that, they are trying to make the working people who travel every day as the experimental objects. And this may cause crashes; the test drive can be done without having certain people in the car. The advocates of autonomous vehicles say that Taxi Dispatch Software, this automated technology is a new one, and the government has to give chance for the new inventions. There are about 37,000 Americans are losing their lives because of the road accidents, and these accidents are happening because of the drivers. So this technology is some of step to avoid such accidents. So they have to permit for the test of self-driving cars on the roads, so that something good can happen. Many of the views brought a great relief on the Uber’s launch in Pittsburgh. All these tensions reflect how the new innovation is going to be in the future. Technologists felt that the Pittsburgh is the exact environment for testing the self-driving cars. And the question that arises in everybody’s mind is that, how fast and under what conditions this testing should occur. Many companies like Google, Tesla and General Motors are having their tests on the roads, but Uber is trying to drop and pick up the persons who travel everyday for work, Uber is the first company for attempting such kind of experiments. Policy director of Pennsylvania’s department of transportation, said that this technology is growing faster, than imagined. The company need not ask permission before the launch. The government is not against the self-driving cars, they are supporting it in silence. Uber’s self-driving project is not only the greatest testing project in America, but also the nascent technology is also the growing project in the Silicon Valley. The fact is that the innovations are much ahead of the laws and rules. The government will slowly try to cope up with the technology and innovations. The innovations should be given space, and should support the new logics for the growth of technology. Chris Urmson, who was the former Google’s executive, he once led a company’s self-driving project. And he felt that it was the greatest American innovation. In America, if the rule tells you, that you should not do it, then you can give it a try. People of Pittsburgh were excited to see the self-driving car in their roads. The launch of self-driving cars by Uber makes the people feel that the secret work was revealed for the first time by the company. And this self-driving car project was available to the public freely without any restrictions. Two years ago, Uber considered the self-driving project as the important factor for its growth in the future. The company has already reached the sustainable growth in the taxi industry. It earns a valuation of $68 billion. It aims to take off its 1.5 million drivers and replace with the self-driving cars. It is not as robots driving the car, there will an engineer or the driver will sit in front of the car, and operate the car, in case of any emergency. Only four self-driving cars are available to the public. Uber gave a demo of the self-driving car for the reporters; the reporters found that, the self-driving car stops at the signals, if the red light is on. And it starts moving in the green light, waits if any vehicles are in front of the car, moves slowly if someone opens the door of their car, crosses the bridges safely and follows all the traffic and road rules correctly, without the person controlling it. But still the driver and an Engineer are in the car, to control it if necessary. It opened its advanced technology center last year in Pittsburgh, all the discussions and developments are decided and done there. It hired many engineers and talented people from the Carnegie Mellon University, for the development of the self-driving cars. And it has made an agreement with the popular automobile manufacturing companies like, Otto and Volvo. Otto is a startup, and it had manufactured the self-driving trucks. It is basically a truck manufacturing company with 91 employees. Volvo has agreed to supply the Volvo XC90 sport utilities. Uber acquired the Otto; a truck manufacturing company, as it has knows the self-driving technology very well. Uber has heavy competitions in the industry; it is competing with the Alphabet, Baidu, General motors and Tesla Motors. Most of the automobile manufacturing companies are in the urge to develop the self-driving vehicles, as some of the companies have started to do that. Uber has integrated the self-driving cars with the car booking app, so that it may have more customers in the industry. Mr. Moore said that, at least a decade is needed for the true self-driving cars to ride on the road. Some of the experts felt that the true self-driving cars will arrive in another five years, whereas, the other experts felt that it may the decade for the self-driving technology to come into practice as like the normal cars. Uber has ford fusion cars, with the 3D cameras outfitted in the car, and it has the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the lidar. Lidar is a technology that uses the sensors to identify the shape of the object. And Volvo SUN is also outfitted to the car. The Engineer or the driver took control over the car, while the Pedestrians were crossing the road, in the construction zone, and while taking the left turn in the traffic. The self-driving car drove slowly; the Uber engineer took control over the car for adjusting the speeds. It was easier for the self-driving car to go through the highways. Pittsburgh also welcomed Uber; they had a red carpet for it. The state law also gave permission for the self-driving car; it is accepted by the law until it has the driver to take control over the car in case of any emergencies. Among the residents of Pittsburgh, some are happy with the Self-driving car, whereas, others feel that it has no safety. An old man who lives in Pittsburgh for about 55 years, is happy about the Self-driving technology in his city.